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Golden Lampreys

Samedi 30/06/2018

The sound of the northern delta has finally taken its true form

After years of waiting, they’re finally here. From the fire and smoke of the factories of Pori. From the moisture of the dewy meadows by the banks of the river Kokemäenjoki. From the thick stench of the largest delta in the Nordic countries and the mud of the blackest polluted riverbed. There in the cold depths they’ve lived as parasites, feeding from the bigger fish. Growing and ripening, little by little, slowly but surely, making their way towards the sea.

If you've ever wondered what a band with Alan Vega, Mika Vainio and Tracy Pew might sound like, you've felt the touch of Golden Lampreys. And if you've ever hallucinated at the time of the full moon, you've probably caught a small glimpse of them good ol’ boys. Now, if you dare to take a step on the darker side of the river, take a little sip of Lampreys, drop some acid and grab a bottle of liquor - you might end up experiencing the electronic hoodoo of your life - or permanent psychosis. Either way you’ll come to face unforeseen greatness as warm and familiar as your mother’s womb.

Golden Lampreys are here. Golden Lampreys are hungry. First they eat your ears – then your soul. Oh lord!

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