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The Noup

Samedi 30/06/2018

THE NOUP were formed in 2013 by Takafumi Okada(vo,dr,syn), Syunsuke Yano(gt,per), Motoyuki Kiyohara(ba,syn).

Their sound is mostly composed of guitar pulse acting on the nerve with iterating solid drum beat and bass. Additionally sorcerous voice into them, it create unique driving groove.

Recently they adopt analog synthesizers and play more polyrhythmic minimal songs unlike dance music.

They constantly hold them host event “NOUP PARADE!” in Okayama Japan.

In the past, independently they have released 3 cassettes and 7inch EP “PARADE"  in 2015. Also they participated “Call And Response records” compilation in 2017.

THE NOUP first album CD “Flaming Psychic Heads” will be released in spring 2018.

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